Wednesday, December 22, 2010

No-sew Fleece Blanket instructions

I had several requests from Facebook to help how to make these.  They are super easy and fast.

2 2-yard coordinating fleece (adult) OR 2 1 yard coordinating fleece (Infant)

Optional, but recommended:
2 12x24 cutting mats
Cutting guide
Rotary cutter

There are 2 different ways that I know of on how to finish the tie blanket.  There are the square knot, or more of a braided look.  I like the braided look better.

1. Cut all selvage.  This is the rolled  part.  You can use a ruler to help make it straight.  But I just eye ball it since you can see where the selvage ends.  This is a picture of some selvage ends.  There will be some on the other side as well.
2. Lay the coordinating color face down.  Some of these are hard to tell and it really won't matter.  Go with the softer edge.  Place the pattern face up on top of it.  Line it up as best you can.

3. Cut out 3 OR 4 inch square corners.  This is your preference.  What ever size square you cut out, this will be the size of your fringe.  If you are doing the knot, I recommend a 4 inch, if you are doing the braided version, do a 3 inch.  This picture shows a 3 inch.

4. Fold the edge so that it lines up with the top of the corner.  See how one fabric is longer?  Cut that edge off.  
5. Now you are ready to make your fringe.  If you don't have my recommended tools, you can just eyeball it with the scissors. Just make sure that you are not cutting higher that the 3 inches.  It will be okay.  You really won't be able to tell once it's all tied and everything.  I like my measuring tool (the clear one) because it's already pre-sized.  If you have the rotary cutter and the two cutting  mats, place one mat UNDER the blanket and one on TOP.  Fold the fringe up to align with the square.  I love this method because you are guaranteed to have equal amounts of fringe.  I tried to do this with a cutting board and it really doesn't work as well.  The beauty of the clear tool, you can see that you have the 3 inch fringe measure up (does that make sense?) If you are doing a square knot fringe, I recommend cutting the fringe at 1 inch intervals.  This will make tying easier.  If you decide to go with the braided look, go with 1 1/2 inch intervals.  But keep in mind that whatever you decided it will look nice.

6. ***If you are going for the braided look only*** Once you are done with a side, go back with your scissors and cut little holes in each of the fringes at about the half-way point.  If you make a bigger hole, the fringe will be looser, if you make a smaller hole, your fringe will be tighter.  Careful not to make it too small or the blanket will bunch.  You'll find a size that works for you.

7. Complete the fringes at the corners to help keep the fabric in place.  To do this, take the top fabric and stick it in the hole in the bottom fabric.

Then take the bottom fabric (which is now on top) and stick it through the top fabric (which is now on the bottom)

Just do it around the corners.

6. ***For the square  knot only***  Once the fringes are made, take two fringes and do a square knot.  Right over left, left over right.  Do this on a few fringes to help keep the blanket in place. Careful not to pull too tight or the blanket will bunch.  For some reason, I didn't take a picture of it. 


If you look to the left in this picture, you can see the finish knot, I undid it though since I was making the braided look with this blanket.
8.  Repeat these steps until you have completed all the edges.  I did the corners first then went back to finish the rest of the tying all at once.  But what ever works for you is good.  Then you have a finished tie fleece blanket.

Here's a picture of the 1st one that I made for my friend, Julie.  Hers was done with the square knot.

Well, I hope these directions make sense.  Ask any questions if you need to.  Also, I am willing to help anyone make these.  I really enjoy doing it.  I don't know how many I've made or helped make in the past few weeks.  Or if you just want to borrow my tools, that works too.

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way fun and super easy! Your fabric is cute too!